Recent Critical and Media Reviews

2019 This Toronto artist painted portraits of every Raptors player
By Ben Waldman
Toronto Life, April 2019
Organizing Principle
By Leah Collins
CBC Arts, April 2019
The Raptors
Video segment 1:53
By Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, April 2019
From Disco Balls to Raptors Basketball
By Kate Taylor
Globe and Mail, April 13, 2019
2016 Intuitive Discipline: An Interview with Joanne Tod
By Meeka Walsh and Robert Enright
Border Crossings, August 2016: issue 139
2015 Joanne Tod: Slipstream
An essay by Tom Smart (2015)
Joanne Tod at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery
By John Bentley Mays
Art, Architecture & the City, November 4, 2015
2012 Joanne Tod Invades the Gardiner
Interview by Christopher Jones
TO Live With Culture, September 7, 2012
Joanne Tod and the Return of the Funny Girl
By Richard Rhodes
Canadian Art, September 14, 2012
Joanne Tod: Invited Invasion at the Gardiner Museum
By Daniel Baird
Toronto Star, September 29, 2012
Faux-Gothic, Southern Ontario Edition
By Sarah Milroy
Globe and Mail, October 20, 2012
Fair Play
By Tom Smart
Telegraphy Journal, November 3, 2012
Interview with Joanne Tod
By Barbara Isherwood
Art Sync, October 2012
2011 Joanne Tod: Portraits of The War
The Walrus, July/August 2011
Joanne Tod, Oh, Canada – A Lament
By Leah Sandals
The National Post, May 20, 2011
The Not-a-million Dollar Question
By Shinan Govani
The National Post, May 3, 2011
Oh, Canada – A Lament
Interview with Kate Abraham
Walrus TV, April 20, 2011
Interview with Steve Paikin
TVO The Agenda, March 18, 2011
2010 “The Fallen”
By Scott Anderson
U of T Magazine, Scott Anderson (November)
Immortal only in art
By Murray Whyte
Toronto Star, August 9, 2010
2009 Joanne Tod at Nicholas Metivier Gallery
By John Bentley Mays
The Globe and Mail, December 2009
A Convincing Replication of Reality and its Layers
Eye Weekly, December 12, 2009
By David Balzer
Canadian Art, December 10, 2009
Here’s Looking at Us
By Ian Brown
Globe and Mail, November 21, 2009
Picture Perfect
by Gillian MacKay
Trinity Alumni Magazine, summer 2007
2002 Vanity Dare: A Proud Parade of Human Foibles
by Stephane Beauroy (review)
The Globe and Mail, September 4, 2002
2000 Tod’s New Show a Virtuoso Performance
by Gary Michael Dault (review)
The Globe and Mail, November 9, 2000
1997 Tod Ventures into Lush New Territory
by Gary Michael Dault (review)
The Globe and Mail, April 17, 1997
1991 Artist Confirms Status as Enfant Terrible
by Christopher Hume (review)
Toronto Star, June 29, 1991

Books And Catalogues

2015 Slipstream, exhibition catalogue, essay by Tom Smart
2012 Builders, Canadian Biennial 2012, Jonathan Shaughnessy
Quebec and Canadian Art, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Collection
Remembering Postmodernism, Mark Cheetham and Linda Hutcheon, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press
Invited Invasion, essay by Peggy Gale, Gardiner Museum of Ceramics, Toronto
2009 Kingdom Come, exhibition catalogue, essay by Margaret MacMillan
2008 Canadian Paintings, Prints and Drawings, Anne Newlands, Firefly Books
2006 Joanne Tod seen by Elise Turcotte in Capsule 2, Concordia University, Montreal
2004 Racism, Eh?: A Critical Inter-Disciplinary Anthology of Race and Racism in Canada, edited by Camille A. Nelson and Charmaine A. Nelson, Captus Press
2000 Canadian Art: From its Beginnings to 2000, Anne Newlands, Firefly Books
1999 Canadian Art in the 20th Century, by Joan Murray, Dundurn Press
1991 Joanne Tod, essays by Bruce Grenville and Stan Douglas, Power Plant, Toronto